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JVM Patchs Submitted

7050685: has a typo in the package name

7058036: FieldsAllocationStyle=2 does not work in 32-bit VM patch

7060619: C1 should respect inline and dontinline directives from CompilerOracle patch

7072527: CMS: JMM GC counters overcount in some cases patch1 patch2 patch3

7115586: Suppress creation of SocketImpl in SocketAdaptor's constructor patch

7128584: Typo in sun.misc.VM's private directMemory field comment patch

7145358: SA throws ClassCastException for partially loaded ConstantPool patch

7148126: ConstantPoolCacheEntry::print prints to wrong stream patch

7162726: Wrong filter predicate of visible locals in SA JSJavaFrame patch

7170053: crash in C2 when using -XX:+CountCompiledCalls patch

7170463: C2 should recognize "obj.getClass() == A.class" code pattern patch

7171890: C1: add Class.isInstance intrinsic patch

7172843: C1: fix "assert(has_printable_bci()) failed: _printable_bci should have been set" patch

7174218: remove AtomicLongCSImpl intrinsics patch

7175413: Typo in comments of JVM_SupportsCX8 in jvm.h patch

7176856: add the JRE name to the error log patch1 patch2

7197906: BlockOffsetArray::power_to_cards_back() needs to handle > 32 bit shifts patch

8005278: Serviceability Agent: jmap -heap and jstack -m fail patch

8008796: SA: Oop.iterateFields() should support CompressedKlassPointers again patch

8009456: SA: typeToVtbl of BasicTypeDataBase should not be static patch

8009457: SA: A small fix on "scanoops" command in CLHSDB patch

8014478: EnableTracing: output from multiple threads may be mixed together patch

8011888: sa.js: TypeError: [object JSAdapter] has no such function "__has__" patch(co-auther)